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Berkeley, CA 94705
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Dental Office in Berkeley

Our Office

We are an experienced team of dental professionals, sharing a common goal of proving excellent dental care and promoting general wellbeing in the community.


As a dental office team, we envision creating a friendly, compassionate and supportive environment which helps you, our patient, to achieve and maintain the best possible overall physical health.

Our unique role in assisting you to achieve that goal involves several elements:

We emphasize listening attentively to your concerns and answering your questions. We enjoy taking sufficient time to illustrate and explain your dental health care needs.

Once comprehensive assessments have been completed and explained to your satisfaction, you can use the information to make treatment choices that are right for you.

Our office team is delighted to provide each patient with a superior dental office experience as we deliver high quality oral health care that is a blend of science and art.

We take pride in your happy, healthy smile.

Our promise to you:

We provide a written treatment plan, showing all costs and fees in advance, so that there will be no surprises. We also provide financial help to patients in need of dental care.